There is something exciting about walking out to an airplane, doing the pre-flight, getting into the plane, starting the engine, taxiing out to the runway and taking off to fly off to a distant airport.  For many, it is a dream, for most it will remain a dream. I myself had dreamed of becoming a pilot since childhood. At 8 years old, I was given a flight in a Piper Cherokee 6 from a relative we went to visit. 41 years later, I remember that flight as if it happened this morning. Over the years I never really thought about getting a pilots license because of the cost and the extensive studying it took to obtain a license. At 47 years old I was invited out to Chucks hangar and given an introductory flight. by our CFI Ariel Acevedo. Once back on the ground, Chuck tossed me a flight bag containing some outdated training material and said go for it. It hit me then the reason I never obtained my pilot certificate is because I had been conditioned from a young age to think I was not smart enough to do it. Well, on March 8, 2011 I took my check ride and earned my pilots certificate. From that moment, I was determined to pass my testimony on to youth who might have been "conditioned" the same way I was in thinking it couldn't happen.

If there is a kid out there, with any shadow of a doubt that a dream cannot be achieved, I want the opportunity to convince him or her otherwise. There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure!

With almost 200 hours of logged flight time and over 500 landings, its time to start changing lives. Getting kids out to the hangar, into the plane and handling the controls with confidence and determination, they too will realize that nothing is impossible. These kids deserve a chance and through God we have been given the tools and knowledge to provide that chance. That is what we do.


Bill Moffatt