Welcome to Changed For Life

Changing one life at a time through our love of Christ & Aviation

Thank you for dropping by to check out our website. Changed For Life is the vision of Chuck Raymond  who saw his own 56 year dream fulfilled on February 9, 2011 when he received his pilots certificate! Having a troubled youth himself, he now strongly wants at risk teens to be given the opportunity to see for themselves that nothing is impossible and that the only limit is the imagination itself!


Our Vision

To show at risk youth that their dreams can be achieved!

I learned long ago that you don't get a miracle until you need one! One day I heard the Lord very clearly, saying to secure an aircraft hangar. I thought to myself OK, I don't have anything to put into a hangar, or the knowledge to fly a plane. However, being one who listens to the Lord I sought out and secured a hangar. Sometime later, the vision appeared and before i knew it, I had two planes (both of which are paid for) and still no license. This vision has advanced because of one miracle after another.


The next miracle came in the form of a very talented CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) from Puerto Rico, Ariel Acevedo. Through him, I achieved my own dream of earning my pilot certificate. Changed For Life is now  literally at the door step of changing kids lives. The tools needed to make it happen have fallen into place, and we have aircraft to draw their attention. Changed For Life's core purpose is to instill Structure, Character, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Faithfulness and above all, PURPOSE into the life of a youth that has been cast out and thrown away. We choose to call it "School of Opportunity" where the only limit is their own imagination.


Chuck Raymond